A complete guide for Shopping in Pushkar

March 22, 2017

A complete guide for Shopping in Pushkar

Along with a home to grand architecture, magnificent palaces & rich cultural heritage, the sacred city of Pushkar is also a famous shopping destination. This is a paradise for shopaholics as the lively shopping atmosphere makes it irresistible to shop.

Here are the best things & Souvenirs To Buy From Pushkar

Leather Goods :-

You can find Kashmiri-styled leather goods here. Top leather articles about buying are belts, purses, bags and others. Genuine leather products are pretty standard in Pushkar, and so are the fake ones. Learn how to differentiate between excellent and artificial leather before putting your money into it.

Clothing :-

You’re in the correct city if you look for clothes in a perfect blend of hippie and ethnic styles. From bandanas to ethnic shirts, Pushkar is the best shopping destination for you.

Rose Products :-

Rose is one of its major exports of Pushkar. It is impossible to buy roses if you travel very long. But don’t worry, Pushkar has got a solution for you. You can purchase rose-based products that stay fresh for a long time. Products like rose oil, perfumes, essential oils, gulkand, sherbet, rose water, cosmetic items, etc.

Handicraft Items :-

Pushkar is famous for handicraft items made from wood, stone, enamel, ivory, etc. Handmade paper, scented oil, and incense sticks are the most common handicraft items in Pushkar. You can also find many pottery items, paintings and others. There are also handicraft-based fashion items like bags, accessories and others.

Silver Articles :-

Silver is quite common in Pushkar. Make sure you buy them from reputed stores to avoid fake things. From antique articles and jewelry to everyday items, you can find many silver and silver-based souvenirs, accessories and decorative items.

Top Places To Shop In Pushkar

Pushkar Fair :-

Do not worry about shopping if you are visiting Pushkar during the Pushkar Fair. The fairground is the best place to buy souvenirs like textiles, accessories, leather items, etc. This fair happens only once a year.

Sadar Bazaar :-

Sadar Bazaar is located on the northern side of Pushkar Lake. Located in the central city, this large market extends for one kilometer of nothing but shops. This is one of the best places to buy souvenirs, leather articles, clothing and jewelry.

Kedalganj Bazaar :-

Kedalganj Bazaar is famous for the Rajasthani handicraft items. From home decor articles, accessories, small statues, and pottery items to miniature paintings, you can find everything in this market.

Sarafa Bazaar :-

Sarafa Bazaar is the cloth market of Pushkar. It is one of the most vibrant and happening markets in the region. From ethnic dresses, accessories, and textile materials, to leather articles, everything can be found here. You can find both cheap imitation and high-quality products in this market.

Baza Bazaar :-

Baza Bazaar is the market for handicraft items, clothing, household articles, leather articles, pieces of jewelry and other gifts & souvenirs. This is a one-stop-shop for all kinds of shoppers. Also, if you wish to taste the local cuisine of Pushkar, this market is the best place to eat in Pushkar.

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