Unique Dining, Unequaled Restaurants, Unmatched Taste

The Rooftop Lounge


Dagala is an illustrious, original, and much-loved hangout with a culinary legacy of the royals. The decoration at Dagala makes it feel like one is in a generous lounge of a royal palace. It is that special place where dreams come true. This venue can have arrangements for 35-40 pax.

The Indian Spices


Inspired by the royal accolades & authentic Rajasthani heritage, Manwaar offers one of the most elite dining experiences. Our master chefs have curated a culinary range that is unique, trendy, healthy, and will satiate your taste buds for sure. Cuisine from worldwide mingles here, with restaurants offering a vibrant and varied mix of flavors and impressive culinary standards dedicated to serving mouthwatering delicacies. Manwaar is a must-visit during your staycation at Sahdev Bagh. It can accommodate 48 pax.